Real Estate in West Vancouver

West Vancouver is a part of the North Shore municipalities together with City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver. The population of the town is approximately 40,000 residents and it has been chosen as the Cultural Capital of Canada in 2006. The town has breathtaking scenery and many houses and condos are placed on the coastline. According to a recent research, the average price of a house in real estate vancouver is $2,000,000. There are records which show that many houses have been sold for more than $30,000,000, which makes the town one of the most affluent areas in Canada. Moreover, the average income of a family living in North Vancouver is $100,000.

Real estate in West Vancouver

As it was mentioned in the previous paragraph, the prices of the condos and the houses in West Vancouver are very high. West Vancouver real estate is located on the Northshore and considered a noble part of Vancouver. This means that it is suitable only for those who earn big sums of money annually. The scenery of the coast and the nature of the town are worth every single dollar paid for the places. The houses are usually positioned on the coast and the residents have the opportunity to enjoy in the marvelous views of the ocean. West Vancouver offers many possibilities to its residents; there are a huge number of parks and recreational centers which make the place unique. Moreover, one of the biggest scuba diving centers in whole Canada is situated in the town. The circulation rate of the library in West Vancouver is the highest rate per capita in the whole country.

Real estate in West Vancouver: houses and condos

West Vancouver offers a variety of houses and condos for sale. West Vancouver condos are located near Ambleside and Altamont areas.The price of the condos is lower than the price of the houses due to many reasons. First of all, the vancouver real estate area of the house is bigger than the area that the condo includes. In addition, a huge percent of the houses offered in West Vancouver have infinite pools, 3 or more bedrooms and wonderful gardens. On the other hand, the condos are limited to a certain area and they cannot offer the facilities and the possibilities that the houses can.

Real estate in West Vancouver: the conclusion

All things considered, West Vancouver is a wonderful area for those who can afford to live there. The marvelous places and the breathtaking scenery attract many Canadians to move to this place. If you need detailed information about the real estate in this town, you can always search for some extra information on the internet. Nevertheless, there are plenty of real estate agents who may help you choose the most suitable place for living. The town is appropriate both for couples and singles, so people from all generations are mixed. In conclusion, it is a great opportunity to live in one of the most affluent cities in whole Canada.

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