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If you are traveling to Chicago several times a month and you are staying there during several days due to business trips or you take care of some family business, then instead of going to a hotel, you could rent an apartment. In this way you can save money and stay somewhere feeling like home. Now, the internet offers you the option of renting apartment in Chicago online from any point in the world. Keep on reading to learn more about the legal provisions that regulate tenant-landlord relation and where to start looking for the perfect Chicago apartment.

Know your rights and obligations

When it comes to renting apartment in Chicago and generally, in the state of Illinois, it would be good to know your legal rights and obligations. In this manner, you will be able to protect your interests and not put yourself into the situation of facing legal issues of any kind. Tenancy laws in the state of Illinois are similar to the ones existing in other states. If you are planning to rent an apartment in Chicago, lawyers recommend that you sign an agreement with your landlord. Such agreement should contain the essential elements of the tenancy relation between you and your landlord in order to avoid any disputes and legal procedures in the future. The agreement should contain precise information on rental period (even in the case of short-term rental period), the amount of the rent, eventual repair and maintenance works that the landlord should make before you move in, the amount of security deposit, your obligations of paying utility bills (this may also be responsibility of the landlord if you agree so) and other elements that the both parties find to be important. Before you agree to rent the apartment and move in, take pictures of the apartment (especially of the possible damages that the landlord agreed to fix), so you can use them as proof should such need arise. In addition, it is good idea to pay the rent using money orders or checks and never in cash, in order to have proof of the payments made during the rental period.        

Short-term rental in Chicago  

Being one of the most developed US cities and one of the business centers of the country, Chicago attracts many businessmen from all over the US and the rest of the world. This category of people is frequently traveling to Chicago for only few days, but this does not mean that businessmen should not enjoy a nice home atmosphere. Short-term rentals Chicago are great idea for all those who do not enjoy staying in hotels. In the next section find several links that could be useful when looking for short-term rental in Chicago.    

The best online listing sites

Here you can find several links that you could visit when looking for a short-term rental in Chicago. These sites offer the best listings in the best locations in Chicago before anyone other does. Here you will find detailed information on different types of apartments and luxury apartments or villas, their location (near to the airport or apartments located down town), rental period (few days, a week, several weeks), rental price and of course, many photos. Click on,, or

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