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With the new Timeline design on Facebook, now we have the option to upload our Facebook cover photo as well. When you are a private user, the choices for cover photos are endless and you can upload anything, from song lyrics and favorite movie scenes to your wife’s sonogram or birthday party. Many users take advantage of that space to promote their drawings, sculptures or similar artwork, but most profiles have cover photos of their owner’s private lives. Cover photos are a great way to express your devotion to a cause or a belief with the public and make an impression on your friends with your originality. Facebook pages also have the option to upload cover pages and there are a couple of extra rules for uploading page covers. The cover images for pages must be at least 399 pixels wide and they can’t contain information about your products prices, discounts or downloadable materials. Your website address, mailing address and emails should not be part of your cover and you can use the space to visually update the public about the content on your page. You can post pictures promoting the latest items you are selling and use attention grabbing adverts to attract more users. Your cover photo should have the best possible resolution and it should include your product layout or theme of the page. The cover image is the first impression you leave on other users, so you should invest a little more time and effort in order to present your page in the brightest light.

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