How to maintain your blender

When you invest money to buy a blender of good quality, you want it to last longer. If you want to achieve it, you need to take a proper care and maintain it regularly. No matter whether your blender is something you use only on special occasions or you use it every day, it is of great importance that you know how to maintain your blender so it will run well for many years.

How to maintain your blender?

To make sure it will stay in great shape, before each use you need to assemble it properly. If you assemble the blender incorrectly, it will not work like it should and you will damage it. Use the blender for its intended purpose – if you will use it for non-food purpose, you can break it. When you are cutting food that will be blended, make sure it is small enough to fit into the blender. If you leave large pieces, it will probably not be blended properly. Do not blend too much food, it will not give good results. When you are blending food, make sure to add enough liquid, otherwise a food will behave like a sticky paste and it will not be blended. This will not do any harm to your blender, but the food will not be properly blended and you will need to throw it and start all over again. You can add milk, water, soup stock or fruit juice, it all depends what food you are preparing. When you are blending, choose the right setting and speed to achieve better results.

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