How to read guitar tabs

Now that you know that the guitar strings are represented with 6 horizontal lines, you should learn that there may be numbers written on the lines. The fret is represented by numbers. The tab will tell you which fret to play. In short, this is the basis of reading tab. The next step is to learn something more advanced when it comes to reading tabs. It is important to know how to read chords in tablature. This is quite simple. If you see a series of numbers that are vertically stacked in the tab, you need to play all those notes simultaneously. Chords have names as well. Sometimes, you can find the name of the chord included in the tablature above the tab staff.

Symbols in tabs

The tablature may also contain symbols. Symbols are used to describe various guitar techniques. The numbers are not enough when it comes to representing all the techniques that can be executed. Having this in mind, the “h” in a guitar tablature means hammer on. A “p” is for pull off, “r” for release bend, “b” is for bend string up, while “v” is for vibrato. There are many other symbols and once you get familiar with them, everything will become clearer.

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