How to prepare delicious salmon meal

Salmon is a fish rich in oils. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and vitamin D, which make it a healthy meal. It is also a great source of cholesterol. Its flesh is usually colored from orange to red. On the market, most of salmon comes from farms. Salmon can be canned, smoked, grilled and baked. You can also eat it raw, but in that case, you must check its freshness. Raw salmon is used for sushi and sashimi. Eating salmon is beneficial to your eyes, joints, cognition, mood and heart.

How to cook salmon: how to select and store salmon

You can eat it in fresh form, smoked or salted. In many world cuisines salmon is traditionally smoked. Salmon can be bought in many forms. Fresh salmon is sold as a steak, in a fillet form or whole as it is. It can be canned, frozen, smoked or dried. When you buy salmon, buy it in a store that has good reputation – if salmon is not well preserved, it can contain parasites that cause anisakiasis disease. If you are not sure about freshness, smell the salmon. Since salmon is very sensitive to temperature, it is of great importance to keep it in cold place. If you have bought salmon that has been caught the day before, you can store it in your fridge four days maximum. With freezing, you can prolong its shelf life – in freezer, it can be stored for three weeks.

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