How to attract beautiful women

The holidays are almost here and it would be shame to spend them alone. So guys, what are you waiting for? Start the hunt for that special woman that will make your holidays even more beautiful. The majority of men worries too much and wonders how to attract beautiful women. The problem in such cases is not us, women, but the problem lies in you guys. Let me give you a piece of advice for a women's point of view. We are not looking for men who go to the gym regularly and spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic and makeup (we are not looking for Hulk's brother either) or man who looks like a god. We are looking for a simple guy who knows how to listen to us (and we can talk a lot). We are looking for a man who can make us laugh and feel comfortable being around him. So, here are few simple tricks that will help you attract the most beautiful woman in the world. First, be spontaneous and relaxed. You probably think “sure, that's easier said than done“, but it’s true. Just approach the woman that you like and start a normal conversation. Be confident and start talking about the latest movie you have seen. Be unique and be you. And let me tell you before I forget: no cheesy lines! Lesson no. 2: Once you approach a woman, do not let her be bored. So, treat her like a friend and talk about topics that you would normally talk to your friends (but not sports, alcohol and obviously, women). In addition, we usually do not want to talk with someone that we have just met about sex, religion, politics, aliens, the laws of physics, rat poison, your mother's rheumatism problems (brief, try not to be weird). And finally, keep in mind that we are looking for a man with a vision and goals in life. These short tips may sound like a cliché, but it is really simple as that. Now, go outside and make me proud!  

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