Saturday night out makeup

When you are putting makeup on, the secret to look and feel great with the result is not to sacrifice your entire style. The event is also very important and the makeup style should reflect the current settings. For a day spent at work I use minimal makeup application and the standard products I use are powder, concealer and mascara. I left the lipstick out from the numbering only because the lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm should be habitually used, regardless of the situation. If I have a girl’s night out, my makeup routine is more aggressive and many colors may become part of the fixture. Cat eyes are my everyday look, but for a night out, I enhance them with dark hues of green, brown and golden eye shadows. Of course, long eyelashes are essential to enhance my cat eye look and I apply one layer when I finish putting eye shadow and the second layer when my entire makeup is finished. When I apply night makeup, I always start with foundation because it keeps the entire look perfect till the end of the evening. Don’t forget to cover your eyelids and lips with powder or foundation, because the rest of the makeup can stick better on a powder base. For a Saturday night out, I use a lot of blush because under the dark lights, every face needs a little contouring. Quality makeup brushes are part of my makeup kit that i bought from sigma brushes UK, because without them my job will be a lot harder. One essential makeup brushes kit from Sigma is enough to perform all of my makeup routines and I keep them clean at all times to avoid irritations and eye infections.

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