Top five health benefits of tea

So now that you all know when and how you can use tea, we will educate you on the top five health benefits of tea. First and very important tea has a lot of antioxidants, which can help your body cope better with pollution and all the problems related to aging. Second the tea contains less caffeine that coffee. If you want to put it numbers it has twice less caffeine. Some people have a lot of problems with caffeine and can’t sleep or have faster heart bits, so it is advisable to switch to drinking tea. Tea will give you more than enough caffeine. Thirdly tea minimizes the chances of getting a hard attack or a stroke. That is because tea helps to keep your arteries smooth and free of clog, which helps with reducing the chances of a stroke or heart attack. Fourth, tea offers great protection to the bones of the body. Besides the milk, tea is also a drink that helps to keep the bones stronger and flexible. A lot of studies have shown that tea drinkers have stronger bones. Fifth tea is also good for the teeth. We all know that coffee might leave stains and make your teeth look yellowish or brown. Tea on the other hand can be very helpful and make your smile look just great, because of the fluoride and tannins it contains.

Some extra health benefits of tea

So, besides the top five health benefits of tea, we will give a few more that we think are worth mentioning. The tea can be very helpful for your immune system. It is also proven that tea can protect the body from cancer, because of the antioxidants it has. It is also a great drink that will keep your body hydrated. Tea is also a drink that has no calories, if you drink it without sugar of course. So it is a great drink to include in a diet. It is also very helpful in boosting up your metabolism. All in all it is a great drink to add on your menu.

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