Today there are many different financial services that people can use when in need. First the banks offer a lot of benefits and services that won’t leave you alone a single minute. With the appearance of the Internet and the online world you can be in touch with your money all the time. Also you can call the bank at any time to ask a question about whatever they might need. Electronic bank services, and 24 hours support means a lot to many customers, because they feel more secure and protected. But besides the banks there are a lot of other institutions that give various financial services. Most of them offer loans or deposit packets that are usually very appealing to people. We will discuss about a rather interesting product called PPI in the following article.

PPI – general data

We mentioned in the introduction that we are going to discuss about PPI (payment protection insurance) also known as credit insurance. It is a product, an insurance product to be more precise that is used in order to enable the borrower to make sure the repayment of the loan will be taken care of. This insurance policy is used in cases when the consumer might die; gain some kind of disability, losses his/her job, or he/she might come to face a situation where he just can’t make any money to return the loan. It is a product that banks sell a lot as an attachment to the loan. Credit insurance can be used for all kinds of loans, and even for credit cards. But although the policy is bought by the customer, all the benefits go to the company that gave you the loan. Credit insurance covers no more than 12 months, which is more than enough time to get another job. After a year has passed the consumer must find a way to return the debt. Unlike other types of insurance, credit insurance is a bit more complicated. There are a lot of issues that should be considered and it is not easy to decide whether it is good for a person. That is why it is wise to analyze the situation carefully, see what might happen if you lose your job. We should also note than when compared to other insurances, payment protection insurance, gets a lot of claims rejected. The number of rejections is very high when compared to other insurances.

PPI claims management

One of the most popular companies that offer credit insurance services is PPI claims Management, a company that enables services for people that want to claim back their payments. They are going through different cases every day and most of them end up with positive results. The many settlements they have made just makes them a company that clients can trust, since they have gained battles against some of the leaders on the market. You should know that this is a company that won’t charge you anything if you lose the case. When and if they win they will charge 25% on the amount of money you will win. In other words it is a great opportunity, it means that you should try it because you have nothing to lose, you can just win, big time!

How to make the claim?

If you decide you want to claim what’s yours just visit www.ppiclaimsmanagement.co.uk and go to the “How to claim” tab. The steps are well explained there. All you need to do is fill out the form that is on the right, and write all the necessary details. After that they PPI claims management will look at your case and contact you in a few days to tell you what you should do next. Once they have a whole case they will try to win you back the money. It is as simple as that!

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