Summer style

The new summer 2012 has almost arrived. Get ready for the long summer days, sunbathing on the long sandy beach and for the even longer nights filled with fun and adventures. In this article, we will try to give you ideas how to get ready for the summer so you can enjoy it with style.

   Getting ready for the summer

The preparations for the summer can be very stressful, especially if such preparations start late. However, do not panic. According to the nutritionist, many women make the basic mistake of starving just to get prepared for the summer. However, this is totally wrong and can have long-term negative consequences on one's health. In order to have beautiful silhouette for the summer, you need to get accustomed to eating regularly and balanced. There is no need to starve to death just so you can fit in your swimming suit that you have bought five years ago. Nutritionists state that the first rule to loving your body is to be realistic about your capacities. As we grow older, our bodies change, which is huge factor for our look. The balanced and regular diet is the only way to lose the excess weight and maintain the body in the perfect shape. It is proven that the people who have regular and balanced diet have fewer health problems and find it easier to control their weight. For example, having full breakfast every morning can help you gain the energy that you will need to go trough the day, maintain the proper level of blood sugar and prevent the accumulation of fat deposits on the stomach and the hips. It is also preferable to have few lighter meals during the day (up to five), instead of having one heavy meal in the evening. These adjustments can make a really big difference in the way your body works, which will surely have long-term results, which is unlikely to happen with the yo-yo diets and starvation.

Cheap homemade beauty products

With the summer being just around the corner, many women go crazy and are willing to spend thousands of dollars on beauty treatments. In this article, we will give you advices how to get rid of the cellulite and prepare for the summer. For the first recipe, you will need coffee in granules and coconut oil (or olive oil). Lightly heat the oil and add the coffee (only so the two ingredients can mix, do not let the granules melt) and let the mixture set. Use the mixture to massage the problematic areas. The coffee grains should improve the circulation and reduce the accumulation of fatty deposits, while the coconut or olive oil will nourish the skin and make it more elastic and silky. The other cellulite treatment includes only a good loofah, massage glove or massage brush. The regular massage will surely give excellent results in the fight against cellulite.

Beach style

Once you have lost those few extra pounds and you have treated your skin with the homemade skin care treatments, it is time to show what you have. Choose swimming suit that accentuates your best features, buy a long scarves made of silk to wear instead of a dress, buy funky beach towel, bag and flip-flops and you are surely going to be noticed and remembered.

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