How are mobile phones tracked

In a time of modern communication, phones are the most important thing to have. However, why have a phone instead of a computer? Phones are smaller and you can even do some simple computer work on them, like checking email, sending email, reviewing reports and some other stuff. Phones nowadays come with capabilities far greater than they had before, in the early beginnings of wireless communication when some poor standards were announced and used. Nowadays phones come with operating systems, quick processors, applications for any use and many characteristics that are more advanced. People can even hook to their home or work computers through their mobile phones or smart phones. However, the GSM technology will always be the backbone for all communications. All mobile operators implement new communication standards, but they keep their GSM equipment, just in case.

The concept of cellular networks

If we want to describe the tracking of mobile phones, we first must understand how the cellular network works. It is called cellular network, because when you see the network plan from bird perspective, it looks like tiny cells connected to each other. Each cell is dependent in some way by another one. The concept is very simple. There are four main elements to consider in this description. The first main element is called Main Switching Center (MSC), where all operations are controlled and performed. All the connections with other mobile phone number are performed through the MSC. The second element’s name is BSC (which stands for Base Station Controller). This fellow controls the surrounding base stations and tries to satisfy their needs. The third element is called BTS (Base Transceiver Station) and this one communicates with all the mobile phones that surround him. The last element is the client, or your mobile phone. You type the desired number on your phone keypad and try to establish the call. The BTS passes the request on to the BSC. The BSC receives the request and asks the MSC about it. If the MSC approves, then you can establish the call. It is this simple and it is done in a part of the second.

How are mobile phones tracked

In the previous section, we said that the BTS communicates with all the devices that surround her. Thus, it gathers all the IMEI numbers of the client phones in the area. The IMEI number is unique for every phone and it is the same as the SSN. When the BTS knows your IMEI, it measures the distance between the phone and the antenna mast (by using Doppler’s effect) and thus it knows the exact location of the phone. This is how mobile phones are tracked. Every cellular network has this ability and uses it for many purposes like in lost or stolen phones, kidnapped people, or any other use.

Where to find phone tracking applications

Modern mobile phones come with installed applications on their operating systems. These applications can be for any purpose, but in Android market and the App Store, the most downloaded security applications are the applications for mobile phone tracking. These applications use the GPS technology to track the physical location of the phone and are available for everyone to download. However, there are many great sites like kostenloshandyorten.de where you can get some additional information about mobile phone tracking

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